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Bring out the best version of your business with our top-notch UI/UX design company services in Dubai. From transforming your ideas into reality to creating unforgettable user experiences – we create magic into pixels that is sure to take your brand to newer heights of success.

Pixidev is not just another UI/UX design agency in Dubai, instead we are a passionate team of tech-savvy wizards who is on a mission to redefine UI/UX design agency in Dubai. And with each year, we are just getting better!

A sleek UI/UX design featuring modern graphics and vibrant colors

UI UX Design

UI UX Design Company in Dubai Services

User Research & Analysis.

Pixiedev, ui ux companies in Dubai’s experts get right into the minds of your audience to know the insights that ultimately drive meaningful design decisions. After all, how will you attract your customers if you don’t even know what they want!

Intuitive User Interface (UI/UX) Design

At Pixidev, we create visually captivating interfaces that will for sure improve the usability along with invoking a certain sense of wonder.

Responsive Web Design

Embrace the future of the most innovative ui ux designs that just adapts perfectly with any kind of device. From having a smooth navigation to tempting visuals – your site will be a true online masterpiece that offers a constant bewitching user experience.

Data Visualization

We very well know how daunting numbers and statistics can be! That’s why to make things easier, we bring your data to life – empowering you with dozens of invaluable insights to grow like never before!

UI/UX Design Company in Dubai for Mobile

Cast a spell on your users with the top-notch UI/UX design agency in Dubai for mobile services that blends in features and aesthetics like never before.

Wireframing and Prototyping

From testing the idea with the users to receiving the feedback about the app – we conduct wireframing and prototyping to offer an amazing user experience that will hold the power to captivate your audience right from the first glance.

How UI UX Companies in Dubai Work?

With a team of passionate professionals, we combine creativity and cutting-edge technology to transform visions into reality. In case, you want to know how Pixie Dev UI/UX design agency in Dubai work, have a look at the below-mentioned points as stated:

Step 1

UI/UX Design Assessment

At first, we dig deep into the minds and desires of your users, in the aim to find out valuable insights that will fuel the heart of our ui ux design company’s process in Dubai. And, if needed, we will have a good talk with you about the details, any specifications or confusions that you would like to clarify.

Step 1

Step 2

Estimation of the UI/UX Design

Next up, after gathering all the needful information, we will work on estimating the time that will be needed to complete the ui ux design. For large projects, we will even offer a project plan, outlining the key milestones to keep every member right on track.

Step 2

Step 3


Moving on, we will begin creating high fidelity wireframes just for you. So, you remain completely aware of the ui ux design layout. And, thus, for any kind of changes or modifications can let us know. Generally, we share this using InVision.

Step 3

Step 4

UI UX Design

Once you are satisfied with the blueprints, our team will begin working on the next phase – the visual ui design. We will come up with tons of versions, with each of them aligning with your business objectives and customer experience.

Step 4

Step 5


After the final work is approved, we will provide you with all the source files along with additional annotations and information. For example, how the ui ux design agency in Dubai will work in various kinds of instances.

Step 5

Why Choose Pixidev for UI/UX Design Company in Dubai?

We understand that entrusting your dream vision to others can be pretty scary. In fact, the mere thought of it is enough to give goosebumps to some people who have bad experiences.

But fear not, for we are the ones who genuinely care about your success. Here’s why you should partner with ui ux companies in Dubai:

UI/UX Design Agency in Dubai Team of Experts

We have a dedicated team of experienced designers and developers who work hand in hand to make sure everything is running smoothly according to the plan.

User-Centric Approach

We put your users right at the heart of our ui ux designs, making sure each and every interaction is equally enchanting and smooth

Customer-Centric Focus

We are not afraid to challenge the traditional norms and come with something totally unique.

And, in case, we think the design direction isn’t the ideal one for your business, then we will craft the design in such a way that it will suit your specific goals. After all, no two businesses are alike!

Communication is Key!

We firmly believe and adhere in open, honest, and frequent communication. Hence, we always keep you involved and updated in every stage of the journey. So, you have a complete idea about the progress of your project.

Meeting Deadline

Deadlines are like those sacred spells for us, that no matter how tight the schedule is, Pixie Dev ux design companies in Dubai happen to deliver it right on time, every time, without compromising any bit on the quality.

Unlimited Revisions

We offer unlimited revisions and will revise the entire ui ux design until you are fully satisfied with it. Don’t worry, as the revision part comes with no objections or hassles.

Ready to Witness the Magic with Ux Design Agency in Dubai?

Get in touch with our team of great ui ux design wizards today to improve your digital presence more than ever. You can either email us at [email protected] at any time you require our service. We will be more than happy to be of any kind of assistance.

FAQs: UI UX Design Agency in Dubai

To be honest, the difference is like night and day. While regular designers might focus on making things look pretty, professional UI/UX designers have a deeper understanding of user behavior and psychology.

Owing to which, they can craft perfect interfaces that guide users through the digital journey seamlessly flawlessly. Much like making your audience fall in love with your product/service.

Owing to which, they can craft perfect interfaces that guide users through the digital journey seamlessly. Much like making your audience fall in love with your product/service.

Well, there is no specific timeline as it totally varies from project to project, depending on its complexity and scope. However, in general, a project may take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months.

The identity of a brand is extremely crucial, as a matter of fact. No wonder, we take that very seriously!

That’s why, each of our designers begin their work by getting to know your brand right from inside-out. Afterwards, they will infuse all of these components into the UI/UX design. So that they can provide an incredible experience that resonates totally with your target audience. Ultimately, making your online presence much stronger.

Yes, we do!

In fact, how could we not? These testing is a really crucial part of our UI/UX design companies in Dubai entire process. As it helps us understand how real users interact with the design and detect any probable issues or areas for improvement. So, based on the collective information, our team can refine the design and thus create the desirable user experience.

 Of course. In fact, once the project is completed, you will have entire ownership of the UI/UX design agency in Dubai under your name.

Well, if your existing website isn't bringing the results you desire, a UI/UX redesign might be the exact thing you require.

From identifying the pain points to usability issues – they will address each of these concerns. And will give your site a fresh lease on life, ultimately making it more effective in obtaining your company’s goals.

Absolutely not!

Though the professional UI/UX design company in Dubai services tend to come with an initial expense, the ROI, on the other hand, is pretty massive.

From improved user satisfaction to high rate of customer retention – it's a total win-win situation from every angle. So, instead of considering it as a big expense, think of it as a great investment for the long-term goals.